Value Creation Model

We believe that tremendous value can be created by working together with companies to help them put in place the methodologies, processes, procedures and people that can sustain above industry organic growth rates and margins.  Organic growth creates value for all parties involved – the shareholders, management, employees, community, customers and, most importantly, our country.

We do this by making available our our nearly 200 years of combined government technology service industry experience, and our lessons learned growing Anteon International from an approximately $100 million revenue company to over $1.7 billion in eleven years.  Specifically, we provide advice and guidance in the areas of Business Development, Strategic Planning, Infrastructure, Organization and General Management, and Mergers and Acquisitions.  This direction, combined with CoVant’s capital and our Board of Directors, which includes a former Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs among others, creates a very powerful growth model.

CoVant. Creating Value Together.